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 Certified Functional Strength Coach

We have partnered with Perform Better to bring the CFSC Certification to the attendees of their Summits this summer. On the Thursday before each event we will be running a Level-1 certification starting 10am and running until about 6pm.

These events are limited to the first 48 people that sign up and we will have a maximum of 12 participants per coach, so everyone will get personal attention.

These events are only for Perform Better Summit Attendees. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THEM AND SHOW PROOF OF REGISTRATION.

We are very excited to be brining the Certified Functional Strength Coach Level-1 certification events to each of the Perform Better Summits this summer. As the CFSC nears it’s 2nd anniversary we have certified over 2,000 coaches across the world from the United States to the United Kingdom, to Germany, all the way to Japan. 

The CFSC was developed to be the new Gold Standard of the fitness industry by requiring all coaches to pass a practical examination. By doing this we assure that each coach is a great mover, capable of demoing, giving clear and concise coaching cues, and understanding the MBSC Systemized approach to coaching and programming. 

The Certified Functional Strength Coach Certification was constructed around the world renowned Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Programming System. In Level-1 participants will learn the foundation of the system as it is implemented with our general population clients and groups. We break everything down in a small group setting with a maximum of 14 participants for each coach. This allows each attendee to get individualized attention and feedback. 

Before the event you will be given access to an online database of lectures, movement videos, our Level-1 manual, and Advances in Functional Training eBook. Based off of that content you will take a 50-question multiple-choice exam to assure you have a solid understanding of our methodologies and the MBSC System.

 During the practical event you will have the MBSC program broken down bit by bit from the warm up to strength training and everything in-between such as our FMS Corrective Circuit, Medball Progressions and Plyometrics. At the end of the event you will be tested on your ability to properly demo, give clear and concise coaching cues, and provide a progression or regression of the movement if asked.  

They will be held on the Thursday before the start of the Summit as part of the pre conference. We first head to Orlando for our event on June 2, then proceed to Chicago on June 23, Providence on July 14, and finish in Long Beach on August 11th. Time is running out to register, if you are interested in attending we recommend registering soon. You must be registered for the Perform Better Summit as well to attend this event.

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email us: