Below you will find the current open CFSC Certification Dates. Please consider the dates and locations carefully. You will not be able to cancel your registration if your On-Site Training date is in less than 30 days.


$100 cancellation fee if canceled 30 or more days before the event. 

$250 Cancellation fee if canceled within 30-days of the event.

$25.00 fee for a refund if you register twice by mistake

All CFSC payments are in US Dollars 

Level 2 Recertification

How Does Re-Certification Work? 

- After registering and paying $99 the recertification fee you will have access to an updated version of the online exam on the back end of the website. Once you pass you will be re-certified for another three years!

We will mail you an updated diploma to the address you originally registered under. If you need to update your address please notify us at 

 So..What do you get from recertification?

- 3 More Years of CFSC Certification and Website Access

- Free attendance to 1 CFSC course for updated content and practice.

- Brand New Exclusive Video Content!

- We're in the process of updating the website and will begin adding new content monthly to the backend of the site. 

- Expect brand new lectures, exercise progressions/regressions, blog posts and educational material every single month!

- If you haven't yet make sure to take advantage of the community features that you gain with CFSC including $400 off Precision Nutrition, 10% off the Online FMS Level 1 course and 50% off yearly subscription to

- We have a steadily growing community around the world. Stay connected by registering for our CFSC Map by emailing your location to and joining our private CFSC Facebook Forum!

Please let us know if we can help answer any questions!

Thank you!