Welcome To All Our New CFSC Coaches In China!

CFSC L1 Name on Certificate Chinese Name Cao Wenlong 曹文龙 Chen Jinghai 陈金海 Chen Jize 陈济泽 Chen Le 陈乐 Cheng Qiandong 程谦冬 Cui Lili 崔黎黎 Dai Weiyi 戴炜怡 Deng Siao 邓思傲 Fan Shihang 樊诗航 Huang Yaoxing 黄耀星 Li Peng 李朋 Liu Hongtao 刘洪涛 Liu Jianan 刘佳楠 Shen Tianchi 沈天驰 Wang Lu 王璐 Wang Zheng 王征 […]

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Welcome To All Of Our Newly CFSC Certified Coaches in China in May, 2023!

1 Cao Weize 曹伟泽 2 Chen Haiyun 陈海云 3 Du Shuyuan 杜书源 4 Han Jiale 韩佳乐 5 Hu Jingjun 胡婧君 6 Hu Rui 胡锐 7 Li Houwei 李厚玮 8 Li Jiahao 李家昊 9 Li Ming 李明 10 Li Mingyu 李明雨 11 Li Zhenyu 李震宇 12 Liang Wenjie 梁文杰 13 Qu Boyang 屈伯阳 14 Tian Xin […]

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Welcome To All Of Our New CFSC Coaches In China in the month of December!

Name on Certificate Chinese Name 1 CHALA ANASTASIIA CHALA ANASTASIIA 2 Chen Xiaobing 陈晓冰 3 Du Chunchang 杜春昌 4 Jia Juan 贾娟 5 Jiang Xiao 姜骁 6 Lv Zhen 吕振 7 Qin Fugang 秦福港 8 Shen Yu 沈宇 9 Sheng Zhanyu 盛湛予 10 Shi Liang 史亮 11 Xiao Renyao 肖仁耀 12 Xie Renwei 谢人为 13 […]

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Welcome To All Of Our NEW CFSC Certified Coaches in China in the month of October!

Our partners at Movement Academy have certified 47 new coaches in the month of October! 1 Ban Yu 班宇 2 Bo Lin 林博 3 Chen Chao 陈超 4 Chen Chen 陈陈 5 Chen Jiahao 陈嘉豪 6 Chen Jixing 陈吉星 7 Deng Huajing 邓华靖 8 Deng Renxin 邓荏新 9 Dong Ying 董颖 10 Du Zhipeng 杜志鹏 […]

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Welcome To All Of Our New CFSC Coaches In China!

Our Partners at Movement Academy/CFSC China have certified 139 new CFSC coaches in China. Name on Certificate Chinese Name 1 Cao Shitao 曹世涛 2 Cao Xin 曹鑫 3 Cao Yu 曹宇 4 Chan Hing Wai , Cedric  陈庆玮 5 Chen Dong 陈栋 6 Chen Dongze 陈东泽 7 Chen Jiabao 陈家宝 8 Chen Junhao 陈俊浩 9 […]

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3 Questions for Trainers Not Writing Programs for Their Clients

Guest Post By Mike Connelly If you look at today’s landscape in fitness you will see several lines of division.  Social media is rife with arguments on just about every facet of coaching.  You have your implement zealots arguing over which tool is the best, your technique arguments, can the spine bend under load or not, and […]

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3 Onboarding Steps That Make Program Design Easier

Guest Post By Chris Merritt Do you know who you’re for? What your ideal clients want? “I can train anyone!”, you say? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your training business is for everyone, it’s for no one it’s incredibly inefficient to run and it will be almost impossible to scale. On the […]

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3 Tips for Writing 100+ Training Programs a Month

Guest Post By: Ross Oberlin “I’d say, 2, maybe 3 hours per program”. He said it with a proud smile on his face. He believed we’d see it as ‘dedication to his craft’.  We saw it as crippling inefficiency. I was attending my first Strength Faction Seminar back in 2016 and we were discussing how […]

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To train, or not?

We’ve all had it happen. Goals in sight. A solid training plan laid out, ready for that client to rock. Progressions, regressions, lateralizations all lined up on deck. Then…the dreaded words come out of their mouth. “I tweaked my back”.  “I pulled something”. “The old joints are aching today”. Shit. There goes that plan. …or […]

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5 things Therapists can learn from Coaches

This is a Guest Article written by Megan Pomarensky… Therapists have a lot to learn from coaches. The disconnect between therapy and training is HUGE. Strength coaches are in a unique position. Clients often actively seeking them out, to push them closer to their goals, wanting to try new things, and to do all the heavy […]

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