The “Simple Fitness Screen” for Online Training Assessments

I consult with a health care company and this is what we came up with for our online Zoom screens. I called it the “Simple Fitness Screen”

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Spending time in nature has been proven to be an effective strategy to improve psychological health. Multiple studies

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“Consistency is king, and moderation is queen. You need both to make lasting change.”

People who are healthy, strong and successful got that way by making decisions that helped them get 1% better each day. Their health, strength and success

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Movement As Medicine

What we train on the outside, effects how we think and feel on the inside. There have been numerous studies confirming the

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What’s your “Get Up” score?

The “get up” test, also known as the sitting-rising test (or SRT for short) in the scientific literature, is completed as follows:

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As we age, we lose power at almost twice the rate we lose strength.

As you get older you HAVE TO continue challenging your nervous system to be fast, powerful and coordinated. We

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Is Your Grip Strength More Important Than Your Blood Pressure?

A number of studies have come out recently showing that grip strength is a dependable predictor of overall health

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Humans are designed to move. Specifically, we’re designed to move throughout nature. Not long ago our well-being was entirely dependent on our ability […]

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35+ hours of FREE educational webinars! (supporting documents included)

25+ hours of FREE educational webinars! (supporting documents included) Below are fifteen webinars with supporting materials available for download!

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A Guide to Training with Shoulder Pain for Personal Trainers & Strength Coaches

There’s a reason it’s “tight”. Be sure you’re stretching or mobilizing the correct thing and that you backup all […]

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