Why new coaches should “Stick to the Recipe” by Dan Mcginley

Today, in part one of this series, I want to start with what we mean by “sticking to the recipe”, and a brief description of the “ingredients” that make up our…

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The Learn to Coach Series: Hands On Coaching and Kinesthetic Cueing

Kinesthetic cueing is the use of physical cues and constraints to optimally position an athlete during

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The Learn to Coach Series: Internal & External Cueing

External cueing: a cue that directs the client’s attention away from

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The Learn to Coach Series: Using the “teaching sandwich”

The “teaching sandwich” was made famous by the great Coach John Wooden. How it works:

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THE “LEARN TO COACH” SERIES: Client Communication

While we can often put the technical aspects of training like exercise

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The “Learn to Coach” Series: Program design and sticking to the recipe

In this week’s episode we’re going to follow that up by talking

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The “Learn to Coach” Series: The movement & workout assessments

Today, in part two of the “Learn To Coach series” we

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Is Your Grip Strength More Important Than Your Blood Pressure?

A number of studies have come out recently showing that grip strength is a dependable predictor of overall health

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As we age, we lose power at almost twice the rate we lose strength.

As you get older you HAVE TO continue challenging your nervous system to be

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